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Sleep Wellness

Sleeping 8 hours isn’t optimal anymore

Mortality linked to too much and too little sleep With benefits like improved memory, weight management, boosted immune system and decreased inflammation in the body, it’s only natural that we assume that more sleep is better for us. But just like everything else, moderation is key. Researchers from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School […]


The physiology of stress and mindfulness

The true impact of stress on your health “Let’s take a breather!” “Why don’t you get some air?” “Take a deep breath.” How often do you hear these phrases when under stress? How does deep breathing actually make a difference? In our fast paced society, stress is a constant nagging emotion that is so ubiquitous we think it […]

Medical Nutrition

Natural antibiotics that are safer than pills

The most powerful antibiotics may be hiding in your kitchen Struggling with flu and recurring infections? Want to build a stronger immune system? Before popping pills, try a natural remedy. Garlic, ginger, turmeric, and other spices boast natural antibiotic properties and strengthen your body’s defense mechanisms. Additionally, they have virtually none of the side effects associated […]

Fitness Health Physical Therapy

I tried whole body cryotherapy and I loved it

The growing trend has found a new fan Cryotherapy is cool. Although the treatment has not yet been approved by the FDA, the growing popularity of the minimally invasive procedure is making it’s way through the ranks of celebrities, athletes and chronic pain sufferers alike. I’d seen enough re-runs of Austin Powers to know I had […]

Medical Nutrition

Understanding the healing properties of ginseng

And how you know it’s the real deal Kombucha, smoothies, and supplements all tout the power of ginseng but how do you know if it’s addition to your meals and drinks is real or a fraud? Traditionally, true ginseng has been used to: Increase stamina Improve memory Strengthen immune system function Manage stress Reduce anxiety Improve […]