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By taking a personalized and whole-body approach to medicine, our integrative physicians can help you find the root cause of your health conditions and prevent risk of disease.

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Meet Our Patients

Meet some of our patients who needed more than conventional medicine.


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"I found the cure to my asthma, and it had nothing to do with drugs."


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"I have a 4-year-old daughter, and I wanted to be able to keep up with her and feel comfortable in my own skin. We did tests I didn't even know existed."


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"It turned out I had leaky gut and multiple food allergies. I had to cut out a lot of foods, which I was later able to re-introduce. I feel great."


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"We did some blood-work, and it was a great experience. She recommended a vitamin regimen that improved my performance and recovery time."


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"The food allergies test was especially helpful because it showed I had sensitivities to dairy, which I was eating every day. I was able to make substitutions to better support my skin and gut health."


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"I did a CT scan with my regular doctor, and they gave me medicine, but none of it worked. Luckily I found Dr Frick, and we found gut bacteria through testing that I never would have found otherwise."

    Let's talk about pricing.

    How much is a consultation?

    Full/first-time consultations are $150, lasting 60-90 minutes. Follow-up consults are $75, lasting 15-30 minutes.

    Are your services eligible for HSA/FSA?

    Yes. While we are not yet contracted with any insurance providers, all Harvey services can be purchased using your HSA/FSA funds.

    Can I buy lab tests and supplements on the
    store without a consultation?

    Yes. While we strongly recommend having a full consultation before buying lab tests or supplements, you can shop our store at any time and our doctors are always available via chat.

    Serving patients across 40 states.

    We recommend talking with a doctor to receive a full treatment plan. You can book a video consultation today or start a private chat with one of our doctors on Telegram.